Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Top Rated Meat Grinders 2018

Meat Grinder Reviews

best meat grinders
You will benefit in many different ways if you will get the best meat grinder for your kitchen.

In fact it is a unique machine that not only helps you to prepare meats, it also helps you to adopt more healthy eating habits.
Since meat grinders are usually easy to operate and use, meat processing like grinding and mincing will take less time. There are no complicated procedures to make this machine going, even if you just started using one. 

In addition, the best meat grinders will bring you to eat healthier and tastier. Since you will process your own meat, you can rely that you have a quality and fresh meat every time. Also, you have the total control on how much salt or pepper goes into the meat, thus giving you a more customize meal.

There are a lot of meat grinders out in the market that you can choose from offering different feature, so to get the best deal and score the best meat grinders you must know what you want out of this device. 


Manual Meat Grinders


Best Manual Meat Grinders
One of the good things about the best manual meat grinders available in the market is that they are multi-functional. Many of them will allow you to do more tasks in the kitchen aside from meat grinding. Some models can also be used as pasta maker, mincer, and sausage stuffer, among others.

The different manual meat grinders vary in terms of materials that are used. There are some that are made from combination of plastic and stainless steel, which are excellent in terms of weight. More so, there are some made purely from stainless steel, which are excellent with regards to durability. 

Because these meat grinders are operated by hand, it is important that they remain stable in the table to countertop when used. In this case, many of these grinders are equipped with vacuum pressure base that makes sure that they will not move out of place, regardless of the effort that you exert in using them. 

Lastly, the manual meat grinders are also excellent with regards to maintenance. Many of them are dish-washer safe, which means that it is a snap to have them maintained in their best possible quality. They are also made from non-toxic materials to make sure that the meat prepared will not be detrimental to one’s health.

Professional Meat Grinders


Best Professional Meat Grinders
The professional meat grinders are built in such a way that they are reflective of high quality and durability. This is reflective in the primary material that is used in their construction. Most of them are made from stainless steel to ensure maximum performance and long-term functionality. 

Aside from their materials, the motors that are used in these grinders are also powerful to handle a wide variety of grinding tasks. Waring Professional Meat Grinder, for instance, has 450-watt motor while the model from Weston has 750-watt motor.

The best professional meat grinders are also equipped with various safety features that will provided you with protection in its use. Some of these features include motor-reverse safety switch and having removable safety guard, among others.  

Regardless of the amount of meat that you need to grind, there will surely be a right professional meat grinder for you. Some of their models are capable of grinding 3 to 5 pounds of meat in a minute, which is accomplished in an effortless manner. 


Electric Meat Grinders


Best Electric Meat GrindersThe Guide Gear 650W is one of the best choices when you are looking for electric meat grinders. It has the ability to process up to 4 pounds of meat in one minute. Many have also liked its compact design, making it ideal for kitchen with small spaces.

LEM is another good brand that can be taken into account when looking for best electric meat grinders. They have models with 1 HP, .75 HP, and .35 HP motor, giving you the flexibility to choose which machine will prove to be the best for your grinding needs. The motor that will be chosen will depend on the anticipated amount of meat that will be processed every time the grinder is used.

The electric meat grinders from LEM are also known for their durability. This is made possible by the use of all-metal gears and roller bearings. With such, you can be assured that the product can be enjoyed for a long time and that it can deliver superior performance.

Lastly, the warranty that is offered by LEM is also a good thing, as it is considered to be one of the best within the product category. Their models have two-year warranty both on parts and labor, which will give you an assurance that you can gain access to their reliable team of technicians when the unit needs to be repaired, although the latter is least likely to happen because of their excellent quality.